Friday, September 4, 2009

Sourcing wine in Baltimore (pun intended)

Whenever I'm in town to visit family and friends in Baltimore, I'm sure to check out the Wine Source. Particularly if my dad requests that I mix up a case, which often times he does since he and my mom do enjoy a few glasses of wine with dinner most evenings.

After a number of years (not sure quite how many) in operation, the Wine Source continues to offer a strong selection of wines and beers, with really good pricing. That's without qualification, notice I did not say a strong selection for Baltimore, or anything like that. I'd be very happy to have this as a local go to wine shop even if I lived in New York. They carry a good, smaller selection of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, olive oils and a few other food items as well.

Here's what I bought for the parents today. You can see the case discount working its magic.

Check it out:

2008 Trebiac Graves Blanc - $8.80

208 A to Z Pinot Gris - $12

2008 Ostatu Rioja Blanco - $9.60

2007 JP Brun Beaujolais Village "L'Ancienne" - $11.99 (pretty good closeout, no?)

2006 Joguet Chinon "Petite Roches" - $10.98 (another solid deal)

Vajra Langhe Rosso - $11.20 (don't recall the vintage, excited to try this though)

2007 Domaine Charvin A Coté Rouge - $10.99

2008 Pampano Rueda - $8.79

2008 Ameztoi Rubentis - $14.99!!

2007 Alary Grange Blanc - $11.99 (discounted Roussanne for the Dads, who requested medium-full bodied white wine)

2007 Quinta do Feital "Auratus" Vinho Verde - $14.99

As a treat for myself, I even found a bottle of the rare Cantillon St Lavinus, 2 year old lambic brewed with Merlot grapes! (from St Emilion, I belive they were sourcing from Chateau Bel Air at one point).

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone. Relax and drink the good stuff.

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David McDuff said...

Looks like you've added yet another shopping stop for my next Bmore trip, Joe. Assuming everything's been handled well, those are some awfully good closeout deals. Hope you enjoy the Vajra; it's their simplest wine but always fun to drink.