Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I'm Drinking now, Vol. 8, no. 87

Looks like a re-fill is in order

2008 Domaine Bart Marsannay Rosé

Delicious pinot noir rosé from a terrific producer, and one of my favorite areas of Burgundy, way up north in the Cotes de Nuits: Marsannay. Gouleyant (I recently learned that's French for 'gulpable'), fresh, precise, and surprisingly, not bad with spicy nacho Doritos.

I am quite ready for some Mandelay Burmese take-out....

Baltimore, MD

One of many purveyors of fried chicken at Lexington Market. Wes-sa-yeed (west side)!

These were apparently really tasty; I can't speak from experience, though. Note the Utz potato chips in background.

The USS Constellation is permanently docked at the Inner Harbor.

Art Car, AVAM (American Visionary Art Museum) style

These are just a few of many, many "vacants."

Baltimore's famous form stone is easy to maintain if a wee bit tacky. Here it is painted Ravens purple.

The burgeoning Latino population as shown by a strip of storefronts north of Fells Point.

Park Heights and Glen Ave, right in the middle of "La Rue de Shul": 20 synagogues in just a two mile radius in Northwest Baltimore/Baltimore County

This is where you get your kosher meats and groceries.

This is a unique throwback: gift shop, stationery/ school supply stockist, 60's era pharmacy and lunch counter all combine at Field's. I still go primarily for the delicious black and white milk shake, made from vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.