Monday, November 5, 2007

The 100 Pull-up workout

I did this after work today, and it's a good way to change up the routine. Probably want to have some experience lifting though, as otherwise it might be difficult. No need to be a protein drink guzzling 150lb dumbell lifting type, just a few years of weightlifting will do. Here is the workout:

Go to the gym. Approach the pull-up bar. Do 100 pull-ups.

Simple enough, right? What I did was do 12, break for 30-40 sec., then 8, then 7, then another 7. Break for a few minutes, then repeat. By the end you'll only be able to do 1 or 2 at a time, and even those will seem impossibly difficult.

Like many others, I go to the gym for health reasons but mainly to raise my energy level at the end of the day before heading home. I don't like to spend more than 45 minutes there, one hour is my absolute limit. This workout took me 45 minutes. I plan on being very sore for a few days. Thanks to W.B. Schwartz for schooling me on the 100 pull-up workout.

No wine stuff today, but I'm looking forward to a dinner at Chez Panise tonight with an OLD burgundy as well as a Prum Wehlener Sonenuhr Auslese vertical Wednesday night. So there will be lots to talk about in the next few days.


Nothing like a little Fania to get the day going. The pre-show prep is so fun to watch, and then it leads to one of the more amazing moments in 70's music performances: Fania All-Stars in Africa. Form fitting body suits, big hair, amazing interlocking salsa ritmos, some of the most amazing musicians ever performing together on stage...this video has it all! Big shout out to Chet who introduced me to this incredible DVD. We miss you, Celia!