Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tom Collinses, Mad Men and the Most Influential Man in My Life

Did anyone happen to catch the wonderful Oil Painting Studio post on this blog? Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this deliciously non wine, food or music related promotion, as it seems that after a long hiatus someone has managed to sneak a spam post onto this blog. And sadly, if you missed it by now then you'll never have the chance to read about it because the post was deleted.

On to other, slightly more pressing matters, I'm ashamed to admit that I just concocted a Tom Collins cocktail and poured it into one of my Isastegi Sagardotegia glasses, seeing as there was a lack of other suitable glassware for such a drink. Please don't tell anyone in the Pais Vasco, especially if they are in the business of producing cider. Truth be told, I'd much rather be drinking Isastegi sagarda right now, but for some reason the gin was calling me, especially since I plan on re-watching the last half of Mad Men Season 2, episode 5, during which I dozed off last night.

And finally, on to other much more pressing matters, my grandfather, Bernard Manekin, aka Pop-pop, is living out his last days in the physical world in Baltimore. I feel lucky to have had a grandfather as loving, supportive, and influential on my life as Pop-Pop. I hope that his last days pass with comfort and full of memories of a life well lived.

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