Thursday, January 27, 2011

Verses from a blogger


Every now and again, as the feeling strikes me, when the moon shines just so, casting its strange yellow-white light down upon San Francisco, I'm going to provide a lil' internet rap for you (by the way, much has already been made of the "internet MC" phenomenon - I'm cool with being called that since, for now, that is essentially my brand of MCing, and yes - I'm aware that the MC nomenclature for such MCing is dubious). If you rap, or are into hip-hop, and want to constructively comment, then feel free to do so. If neither of the above applies to you, please know that there is a certain rhythm with which these verses need to be recited, rhythm which you probably do not possess. Therefore, while you may be fit to critique it as poetry, you definitely cannot comment on its qualities as hip-hop verse.

We'll see if this new feature joins the growing list of other features which have since disappeared into the blogging ether or, perhaps, if it actually has some legs.

Here are my 8 bars. Enjoy.

I'm from the town of McNulty, red checkered cloth, gnocchi
Mochi, Benkyodo, pre-packaged? Out my dojo
Always free, not for dough though For real? Yep, for real though
Too much gimme, too much sponsors, too much whoring, no responses
I'm contrarian, antiquarian, surge like Tankian
Bubble like Mittoo, you a musician, oh me too
An artist, a drinker, hyper link linker
Real sick thinker, relaxed like the south of France