Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Robert Camuto Book Signin and Tasting TOMORROW at 18 Reasons

Just a reminder about this event. Should be educational and lots of fun - check it out.

Wine Tasting, Discussion and Book Signing with Robert Camuto
18 Reasons Gallery
539 Guerrero St (near intersection at 18th St, between 17th & 18th)
Thursday February 19th, 7-9pm
Cost $15

Some meditations on Baltimore

Oh, Baltimore
Man it’s hard, just to live

In the classic, but oft overlooked Sly & Robbie produced tune by the Tamlins (which upon further review, is actually a Randy Newman cover) the everyday hardships of many who struggle to get by in the city are exposed. As everyone from the city will tell you, yeah, Baltimore can be a rough place. However, there has always been a certain, hard to describe likeability about this place. Rather than dwell on the negative in these gloomy economic times, I thought I would make a few observations about the Baltimore that I have come to know and love.


While it is one of the country’s (and therefore one of the world’s) largest Jewish populations, everyone is miraculously either related or otherwise connected by two degrees or less! I know, this seems strange, but ask any nice Jewish girl from out of state who has married a Baltimore Jew. They will give you a knowing nod and explain how they’ve never encountered anything quite like it.


In the tumultuous, hyper competitive radio industry, a lot can change, even in a midsize market such as Baltimore. One of the few constants in the landscape has been the domination of 92Q. Like most other large, corporate owned stations, this one has the same repetitive, boring programming as its competitors within their radio genre. Nonetheless, it’s always fun to hear your hometown radio station commenting, in the hometown accent, on local news, sports, and gossip. And, all considered, 92Q has done a pretty solid job. Just one thing though – what happened to the ‘Big Phat Morning Show?’ It has apparently been replaced with a show by a personality named Rickey Smiley, whose show is promoted with the tagline ‘Rickey Smiley and DEEZ NUTS!’ Come on now guys, did you really have to descend to this grade school level humor to promote your morning show?


I’m not the biggest fan of deli. Or lox. Or many of the delicacies specific to eastern European Jewish cuisine. I know, how could I disrespect my culinary heritage, right? Generally I prefer light and fresh over heavy and processed, as a general rule. And as much as I love sandwiches, typically they involve a tasty Spanish, French or Italian cheese between two layers of fresh baked, crusty, flavorful bread. Not pastrami on rye. That having been said, it’s hard to beat a delicious rare roast beef on rye from Pikesville’s incomparable Edmart deli. It’s nearly good enough to make me think twice about those fancy European cheese on artisanal sourdough sandwiches we’ve got here in San Francisco.