Friday, February 6, 2009

'Super Brooklyn,' or 'The Mario Bros Beat'

What's up former (and current?) original Nintendo players?

Is BROOKLYN in the house?

Old Clos Roche Blanche PdA Rose (in case you were wondering)

I came across a $1.99 bottle of 2004 Clos Roche Blanche Pineau d'Aunis Rose on our closeout rack yesterday. Rather, a customer whom I recognized as a frequent patron at Terroir spotted the CRB, purchased a few, and tempted me to do the same. How has the wine held up, you ask?

Well, if bottle one is any indication, not too well. Pale onion skin, Tempier rose color. Very little flavor on the palate, certainly vaguely a faint whisper of the exuberant pineau d'aunis strawberry fruit. To the wine's credit, it is not oxidized, and still has a bit of fruit hanging in as well as acidity. This is typically a terrific rose - not so terrific after spending 4 years in bottle, however.

For less than $5, though, I've done far worse.