Friday, August 1, 2008

Scene from 'Babylon'

Yes, now we're back in the saddle! I seriously need to track down a copy of this movie, Babylon. The above clip features members of Aswad and the great Mr. Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ for short). This strikes me as sort of a UK response to Rockers which I have featured in a few previous entries. Fiyah, bredren, pure fiyah dat!

PRT - Shaykilah

OK, ok, now I get it. I cannot post videos to the blizznog directly, but if I copy and past the emnbedded code then I'm good.

And now for a few words about this clip. PRT was so fresh and original, with solid production and Wise Intelligent's reggae sing-jay inspired vocals. Great stuff.

Yesterday was a good day

At the shop we received some of the newly released 2000 LdH Bosconia Reserva as well as more 1997 Rosado (which will soon be justly labelled 'gran reserva' instead of 'crianza'), 375's and full bottles of 1999 Tondonia Reserva. These are my favorite wines to stock - so much fun to get these out on the shelves! Look for a post on visiting LdH in the not too distant future, as well as a write-up of the new Bosconia and Tondonia.

Happy Friday.

Oh, youtube for some reason is not working, otherwise I'd have posted two great videos last Friday. Trying to figure out what could be wrong, anyone else in Bloglandia having problems posting youtube videos?