Friday, April 17, 2009

Me and my fractured clavicle

Here I was all ready to begin posting more about Paris and Champagne this week, when mid-bike commute Wednesday morning I got doored! While it's pretty self explanatory, for those of you not familiar with the term, getting doored is when a driver in their parked car opens their door towards an open lane of traffic at the exact moment a bicycle passes by, hitting the bicyclist and in my case sending him over the handle bars, ricocheting against a stationary vehicle in the right hand lane (smashing their right tail ight in the process) and slamming to the ground. So my left collar bone (also known as the clavicle) is broken. Fortunately, the bike frame and fork are in good shape; only the front wheel and a few other parts need replacing.

So a reminder to anyone who drives, especially in areas populated by many bicyclists (like Mission St btw Valencia and Cesar Chavez where my accident happened): LOOK! in your rearview mirror and behind you before you open your door. Just make it a habit and do it.

And to bicyclists: for me this was further proof that you can never be too careful, especially on busy city streets. Always take your time, know your surroundings and constantly assume the worst of drivers. Expect that they don't see you and ride accordingly. If it means you can't ride as hard on a busy street, then so be it.

PSA over. Back to baguettes, brioche and natural wines in Paris soon. Maybe even later this afternoon.