Saturday, September 15, 2007

50 years of 'catering to the prosperous carriage trade'

This press release is full of tasty nuggets about one of New York's (and America's) most famous wine merchants. Let's hope that the new location for this ever so innovative retailer does continues to be successful and does not 'gently head southward.' From the press release: "Patrons can take home a Methuselah of 1995 Dom Pérignon Champagne prominently displayed at US$14,950, but nearby, under an 'Our Picks' sign, they can also find a Cristalino nonvintage brut cava from Spain for US$7. 95." It appears as though New York's most famous merchant continues to head in the right direction....

Maybe I shouldn't hate too much, though. Recently I purchased a bottle of 1971 Jean Grivot VR (just village wine) that was part of a private collection and tagged with this merchant's label, and it was still showing well. Not life changing, but still a good amount of vibrancy and interest to it.

I look forward to exploring the bustling New York retail wine scene this coming week.