Monday, January 10, 2011

Yeoman's work: A tip of the hat (and gangsta' blogger sign) to three fellow bloggers

What to do when the creative juices aren't flowing, when the New Year greets you with one of the more tenacious head colds you've suffered in the past few years, and you generally just are not into putting the time that goes into creating new original content for the blog? Well, there are a few options: 1.) Disappear for a while, 2.) Post some youtube videos, or 3.) Cite some examples of others' fine work on the blogosphere.

Though #2 is always better than doing nothing, in this case I will go ahead with #3. Here are three blogs to check out from people who I've noticed are putting in good work.

David Driscoll and David Othenin-Girard's K&L Spirits Journal

Yes, one of the Davids (Driscoll) is a co-worker of mine and I generally try to separate work from this blog, keeping the shilling and insider industry stuff to a minimum. However, these guys are doing such a great job of not only updating the site frequently (typically 4-5 times a week) but of writing some genuinely interesting stuff. Both David's write well, and this should be required reading if you're at all interesting in single malts, other whisky and the wide world of distilled beverages. Driscoll has recently taken an interest in sherry too, so I must admit that I'm looking forward to more of his posts on the subject (which, of course, cannot hurt our fledgling sherry department at the store!) David and David, well done, gents.

Guilhaume Gerard

[Full disclaimer: Guilhaume is a friend, but undoubtedly still deserves props for his new blog!] Guilhaume, a one-time founding partner of Terroir (the SF one) and current partner in Selection Massale, once had a blog (Wine Digger, RIP) which quickly built up a following based on the author's strong opinions, keen photographic eye, and sharp focus on some of the most interesting wines which France has to offer. Guilhaume describes his new URL, in his own words: "New blog, new name, same shit. Producers visits, wine, travels, restaurants, music[...] still very little words so i don’t piss off the NYC wine intelligentsia, and lots of pictures." Sounds about right. Looking for someone with good taste? Guilhaume's got it for days and days, and extra days.

David Lebovitz

A food writer and Bay Area ex-pat living in Paris, Lebovitz continues to dish out some snappy material on culinary delights in his adopted home city of Paris. A former pastry chef at Chez Panisse, Lebovitz writes with authority and wit on all manner of food, wine, and Paris related topics. Sometimes a wee bit precious and self important (check the about section, you'll see what I'm talking about), but usually entertaining enough so that you won't mind too much. This should be required reading for anyone interested in picking up pointers for the kitchen (sweets, especially) as well as for anyone planning a visit to Paris.