Monday, March 3, 2008

Todd Anderson's Ghost Horse

Last week, as I was tasting through a line-up of Napa Cabs, I came across a 2003 vintage of 2003 Anderson's Conn Valley Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. It's a pure tasting, balanced, not at all over-the-top Napa wine that was showing well. At $50 it's not cheap, but relative to all the new Napa products (not wines as they lack in any discernible wine flavor, but 'products,' because they do not lack for branding, PR and marketing plans).

So imagine my surpise when a co-worker showed me a website for Todd Anderson's super luxury cult wine, Ghost Horse. Basically, the bottles cost anywhere between $500 - $5000 each. The website brings to mind a US Marines TV commercial. I'll leave it at that and let you check out the 'ghost horse world' if you so desire

- Is Todd Anderson for real, or is this a satire on the cult wine phenomenon?
- Is Zac de la Rocha (and anyone else who co-wrote) getting royalties for the use of their recording on the website?
- Would Ghost Horse take down Harlan, Screaming Eagle, and the other heavyweights of Napa Cab Cultland?

Guided By Voices - I Am A Scientist

I post this for a few reasons:

1.) Bee Thousand is one of the great pop albums of the past 20 years
2.) My man David D was talking up the pending 1990's revival at work
3.) Earlier this evening I was checking out Pitchforkmedia's list of the top 100 albums of the '90's. [Disclaimer: I'm not a regular pitchfork reader. The website was left up on my computer and this piece looked interesting.]

Hope you enjoy some pop on a Monday morning.