Friday, February 25, 2011

This week's Old & Rare: 1957 Calon Segur

Always fun to get a taste of something old at ye olde wine shoppe. This magnum did not have the best fill (mid-shoulder, I think someone who saw it told me), but boy did it show well. Intense, almost pungent, spicy dried cherry aromas, with still plenty of fruit intensity on the palate, with savory, peppery meaty umami notes co-mingling. A wonderful combination of freshness and evolutionary BDX savor. Very tasty, and probably one of the better OLD old Bordeaux I've tasted (though that's an admittedly pretty small group of wines).

Another old Bordeaux tasted earlier in the week, 1983 Chateau Canon St Emilion, was pretty, with very bright and slightly toasty red fruit, but not a whole lot of depth of flavor. A brighter palate impression, though without too much complexity, this wine is likely (I think) showing close to its best these days. Would love to hear other opinions from folks who have tried other bottles.