Thursday, June 4, 2009


Not to imply that l will have a completed episode ready for listening by the end of the week, or even the following week, but I did want to share that I have taken first steps towards providing content for a new podcast. The loose format involves a one hour long, interview based show, taking an in-depth look at three subjects representing the worlds of music, wine and food. Sometimes there will be some intermingling of content, sometimes not.

I'm looking forward to hopefully providing a different perspective in this quickly expanding world of wine multimedia. One that will attract the most devout of online wine geeks, as well as people who might just want an alternative (or supplement, if they have sufficient time) to listening to Ira Glass while they're chopping greens for their Sunday brunch. Not that there is anything whatsoever wrong with Ira Glass and his 'This American Life' show. In fact, if this podcast ends up being even 2% as informative, engaging, and creative as 'This American Life' I will consider it a huge success. Stay tuned, and feel free to throw some suggestions and requests my way.