Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bienvenidos a ...OLD WORLD, OLD SCHOOL!

Welcome to my nightmare, um...I mean welcome to my blog (sorry, I had a Fresh Air interview with Alice Cooper in my head). Welcome. It's great of you to be here checking out this here blog - my first such effort on the interweb. It is late Friday night, and as anyone who braves the retail world might be able to relate, I am staying in, gaining strength for a busy Saturday at the wine shop. My new Friday night routine: Gym, dinner, modest consumption of wine, perhaps a movie, and wine blogging (yes, ladies, I am single....)

So 'old world, old school' represents my aesthetic preferences as it relates to two of my big passions in life: wine and music. As have many palates before me, I believe, my tastes have gravitated increasingly towards the wines of Europe (old world) in my four or so years of critical wine drinking. Though I still love 'old school' wines from good 'ol California, and properly matured, balanced wines from any New World region, I'm more inclined to drink old world, for reasons to be thoroughly explored in future posts. The 'old school' in this blog also refers to my love of classic, old school music. Music that lives and breathes, that sounds warm, resonant and natural. Real drums (with some exceptions, in particular for hip-hop, especially early-mid '90's productions!). Analogue synths. Hammond B3 organs. Philly sound string arrangements. Vintage effects. Studio innovation a la Phil Spector and Lee Perry.

So I am a music and wine geek, guilty as charged on both accounts (as if there weren't enough of us already). This blog will focus more on wine than music, to be sure. But there will be some fun videos and musical memories I look forward to sharing as well. After all, what is life without memories? And what transports more than a particular bottle of wine, or a classic recording from a favorite artist?

Enjoy the blog.


Jim Barr said...

Okay, Joe, who wrote this for you??? Barr

Joe M. said...

OK, Barr, you scooped some otherwine bloggers out there. I do in fact have a 'ghost blogger.' As a reward you get a case of Grove Street!