Sunday, September 9, 2007

1978 - a year of great Doobies and Moulis

'What a Fool Believes,' is such an amazing, funky song. Though I have been familiar with it for a while, having heard it here and there over the years, the first time I truly appreciated just how soulful the song is was a few years ago - listening to WPGC 95.5 in Washington, DC. An amazing mix show DJ (imo one of hip-hop's best ever on-air DJ's) named DJ Ceelo (aka Funk regulator Ceelo) spun this tune in the middle of a great, eclectic set. Very few DJ's have such a depth of pop music knowledge coupled with the incredible turntable skills of Funk Regulator DJ Ceelo.

Anyway, 1978 was the year in which the Doobies released 'What a Fool Believes.' I'm not sure when this concert footage was taken, but I think it sounds terrific. Cornelius Bumpus, the dude on synth, is also a great sax player who toured with Steely Dan as well. He also played shows with my co-worker and drummer extraordinaire Jimmy C (there's your shout-out Shanty...)

Another piece of 1978 I'd like to share with you is the 1978 Poujeaux (Moulis-en-medoc) I recently enjoyed at a Bordeaux tasting. It was still super fresh, almost racy with bright red fruits leading the way, and a really soft texture. I thought the wine was 10 years younger than it is. If you like most St. Estephe (not including Cos or Calon Segur) and lighter, more old school styled Bordeaux, this is the wine for you.


Paul said...

What a fool believes, now that's a jam!

Joe M. said...

Yes, indeedy. Thanks for the Yacht Rock link. I discovered it about a month ago, only a year after the show debuted...very funny stuff.