Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chorizo 101, in photographs

Straining a blend of mixed reconstitued peppers

dried espelettes

various types of paprika, salt, pepper, garlic; chopped pork (and wine glass) in the background

Mound of pork

Back fat

The all important patty fry to check for flavor, night one

Ground chorizo after a day

The porkert, used earlier for grinding and with this particular attachment, for stuffing

The location

The chorizo


Tricerapops said...


David McDuff said...

Dove? (If you're willing to divulge.) That doesn't look like chez Joe. Looks like they came out well, btw.

Joe Manekin said...


Yeah, it's a fun project (and, especially if you do horseshoes, rather badass).


You are correct. The grinding and seasoning took place in my friend's garage, and the stuffing/hanging in the basement of his grandmother's old house.