Thursday, November 4, 2010


A quick list of things I've noticed may have more in common than one might expect.

Rubber, glue or swimming pool and fino sherry
Fino sherry and sake
Fino sherry and an energetic buzz
Gamay and grenache
Orange wine and a lay person's appreciation
Workplace and civility
Bass players and a sense of groundedness
Profit and loss
Joy and pain
Sunshine and rain (ok, so it was the band Maze who should be credited for those last two)

Enjoy the weekend.


Susan said...

screwcaps, parking brakes and fino sherry

Florida Jim said...

Gamay and grenache?
Off with your head!
Best, Jim

Joe Manekin said...

Susan - ah, the Lustau Puerto fino! Despite the burning rubber I still really like the salty, tangy quality to that guy.

Jim - Yeah, I know. Not a usual connection, but every so often. You know, with the well executed maceration carbonique in southern Rhone, perhaps a warm vintage in Morgon, well you get the picture.