Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Notes from New World (part 1): "F'd up"

Though I seldom write up wines from the New World (feel free to refer to the blog title if you're wondering why) I taste quite a few at work. In fact, in addition to my Spanish and Portuguese buying duties, I also help select the wines from Argentina and Chile. While they are not my favorite, peoples out there still like these wines quite a bit, and it is important that I cull through the oceans of swill to determine the best from the rest. Due to, um, let's just call it uniformity of product, this is not an easy job. I was going through my notebook, looking for anything of interest, and I believe that I found a nice contrasting morning of two tasting appointments. We will start this two part series with some quick notes I took on the wines of Luigi Bosca.

2006 Luigi Bosca Pinot Noir Mendoza

Baked and f'd up.

2007 Luigi Bosca Pinot Noir Mendoza

Plum, dark fruit. Not much wine or pinot noir character here. F'd up.

2006 Luigi Bosca Gala 2 Mendoza

Nose - sweet dark fruit, a bit greenish. OAK.
Palate - ripe, tastes forced. F'd up.


Florida Jim said...

Ah Joe,
You silver-tongued devil, you.
Best, Jim

David McDuff said...

So... how many cases of each did you order???

Joe Manekin said...


Taste these wines and the experience would likely inspire your inner silver tongue as well.

David - just 15 cs each to start....