Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Touristic Pursuits in Washington DC, February 2010

Images behind the bar at Proof. Solid wine list put together by Sebastian Zutant.

Madame's Organ - for better or for worse, a fixture on 18th St in Adams Morgan

Pita full of falafel and delicious toppings from DC's (and likely one of the the US's) best purveyor of falafel: Amsterdam Falafel Shop

Look at all those wonderful fixins!

Walkway from the East to West Building at the National Gallery of Art

Komi, home of very good, creative, Greek inspired cuisine. Seafood, crudo in particular, shines.

Reserving a parking spot in Cleveland Park via the chair method, a mid-Atlantic regional tactic

United States of America, nation of neon and TV, or, as Michael Franti once said, "Television, the drug of the nation."