Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In a Foul Mood

I had every intention to write a brief, informative post tonight, but I must admit I'm not up to the task. At the moment, writing is boring, discussing wine seems dull, and doing anything remotely related to wine blogging, twittering, and other assorted web 2.0 platforms sounds about as appealing as drinking a 3 oz glass of 2006 Agostina Pavia Barbera d'Asti Bricco Blina. It's a wine that unfortunately is all too present in my sensory memory as I just drank it 20 minutes ago. It smells like Manischevitz fermented to dryness, and tastes like a cheap, acidified central valley cab/merlot/whatever else is on hand blend.

Why am I in a rut? Was it the 30+ bottle line-up of primarily California wines I was subjected to earlier in the day that has soured my mood? The rigors of a weekly schedule which typically includes 1.5-2+ hours commuting, as well as a three hour evening class twice weekly? Maybe it was the strange dinner of unrelated vegetarian side dishes? Who knows. I'll be back when I'm back, ideally with more inspiring words to put to screen.

At the very least, hopefully you enjoyed the wonders of the iMac photo booth effects. If I were you, I wouldn't mess with that dude right now....

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Anonymous said...

It's SUMMER. Go outside! Enjoy the fog! Get some cheap gamay and count clouds!