Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Protecting the brand, Champagne Style

What do you think of the above full page ad that the Vignerons et Maisons de Champagne are currently running in the New Yorker (and elsewhere?) A few initial reactions:

Which US sparkling wine producers persist in labelling their product as Champagne (other than maybe Korbel, J Roger, or other cheap fizz makers)?

The rather significant, recent price increases in champagne might also be legal, but are they fair?

Advertising in a high brow publication such as the New Yorker, wouldn't the US office of Champagne realize that they are sort of preaching to the choir, or at least to a readership that, if they care enough to buy a bottle of bubbly that in fact is real champagne, would know the difference?

Seems like a waste of money here. But then again, when you're wasting money on all manner of fertilizers, herbicides and other products to grow your grapes, as well as wasting money on perceived 'luxury' packaging, what's a little extra wasted money on a poorly targeted advertising and PR campaign?

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Steve L. said...

I saw that ad while in a waiting room yesterday and my reaction was the same as yours. Who is that ad aimed at? I guess the US Office of Champagne had some extra money lying around and wanted to justify their existence to the dues-paying folks back home.