Thursday, October 16, 2008

There is now one less car in San Francisco

After several months of on again off again effort, I finally found a buyer for my car and sold it tonight. For the first time in ten years, I am without a car. It may not seem like much for people who live in cities like New York where the car truly is a luxury, as opposed to a comforting mode of convenient, and often necessary, transportation. Nonetheless, I am stoked (if I were still living back east I would be 'psyched.') Zero money spent on insurance, gas and maintenance from now on. Not to mention the money gained from the sale. And then there is the drastically reduced carbon footprint, which is awesome and a point of pride.

Sure, I will miss my car. I bought my silver Mazda 3 hatchback in March of 2005, just when the popularity of the zoom zoom was beginning to take off. I worked out of my car as a wine distributor rep in Washington, DC for three and a half years. I parked legally and illegally, enjoyed banging my live Aswad CD in the summer, listened to WPFW, the local Pacifica affiliate, during the day, and on weekends loaded the back with band gear for scores of gigs. When I decided the time was ripe for a re-location, I drove cross country, stopping in Chicago, Marfa, Texas, and Santa Monica along the way. More recently, I enjoyed driving south to the Santa Cruz mountains to visit Ridge and Mt Eden Vineyards, or heading up north to tour Storybook Mountain Vineyards in Napa and Unti Vineyards in Sonoma.

To part company is bittersweet, but I must admit that I am well pleased to be car free. Some of the money from the sale will go towards a new bike. Ideally one made of steel, with the ability to place a rack on the front and back. Something strong enough for light touring, but able to ride somewhat fast if I choose. Any ideas?


Mike Drapkin said...

Congrats Joe. Welcome to the club. Don't look back.

Joe Manekin said...

Thanks, Mike.

Steve L. said...

I like steel bikes as much as I like real wine. I'd recommend what I ride, but they're no longer being made. Check out the Rivendell site for some ideas. (If you work in RC, how do you get there every day?)

Joe Manekin said...


Thanks for the suggestion. Riv's might be a bit pricey for me, but I'll check the site. I ride to RC with a co-worker 3 days a wk, and ride the bike and Caltrain the other 2.

Anonymous said...

Surly Cross Check or Long Haul Trucker. Soma Double Cross if you want to go with a local company--locally designed that is. Bikes made in the US can be prohibitively expensive.