Sunday, August 3, 2008

Television - Foxhole (live 1978)

While I'm not watching much Television, I certainly have been listening to a whole lot of Television in the past few weeks. On pandora, on itunes and even at Terroir, where Marquee Moon played start to finish, from 'See No Evil' to 'Torn Curtain.'

Here we have a really clean, tight performance, very different from the occasionally sloppy, meandering tracks on the live recording 'The Blowup.' I really like both; sometimes near perfection is great, and other times flaws are really enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

I love Television, and Marquee Moon is one my favorite records; it also seems very much like something they'd play at Terroir. Maybe that's because of the Pylon they played the other night...

- wolfgang

jz1 said...

Can you please start a regular column in which you pair wines with music? Everyone pairs wine with food, but what do I drink while enjoying the Mama Mia soundtrack?

Joe Manekin said...

Wolfgang -

Marquee Moon is a great record. Lately Terroir has been playing lots of early Cure.

Jon -

I've been thinking of doing what you suggested in some shape or form for while now, just not on this blog. Might be a fun feature every now and then, though. To enjoy while listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack, might I suggest a bottle of fruity German Riesling? Lately I've been drinking the 2007 Von Hovel estate riesling.