Friday, August 15, 2008

DC Go-Go mini mix

First, a classic from RE (that's Rare Essence for those of you who don't know). That intro is one hell of a break, don't you think?

And now a performance from the incomparable Junk Yard Band at what we used to refer to as the Cap Center. I don't even know what it's called now. Alright, enjoy the music and the weekend.


David McDuff said...

I dunno, Joe. Seems like there's something contradictory about the Junkyard Band playing the Cap Center. They were always at their best on a random corner of K Street or at a demonstra-show at Lafayette Park.

BTW, my high school graduation was in the Cap Center. Scary, huh?

And, WTF is up with all the dup video posts? Have you been invaded again?

Joe Manekin said...

I hear you, David. But they were keeping street corner up there - I mean they still were bangin' on buckets. And it's easier to get paid in Landover than it is at Lafayette Park, y'know? They had to capitalize on their popularity and earn some cash - they must have gotten tired of eating sardines (and pork n' beans).

The dupe video posts must be from when I tried repeatedly to post content from youtube a few weeks back (before I started copying and pasting the code, which seems to be the best way to go).

David McDuff said...

Very good point, Joe. Bands must eat.

Btw, copying the code at YouTube and pasting it into Blogger is definitely the way to go. I haven't had any problems doing it that way.