Monday, August 25, 2008

Blog Post #300

Well, it was inevitable, I suppose. I've finally reached 300 posts on this gigantic free time vaccuum known to friends, colleagues, old and new acquaintances alike as 'my blog.' Rather than post something really impressive, detailed, personal and thoroughly entertaining such as this fellow blogger's recent 300th milestone, or this typically high quality entry from the creative mind of one very solid wine writer residing in B-r-o-o-k-lyn the planet, I thought that I would take the easy way out and do one of those 'by the numbers' deals (numbers may or may not be accurate).

- At least 60 youtube posts (that’s 20%, or 1 out of every 5 posts!) Some might call it laziness, I would prefer to highlight the fact that Old World Old School is truly your source for terrific, varied youtube programming on wine blogs.
- 9000 minutes (150 hours, or 6 ¼ days) of time spent considering, typing, re-considering, the content of all the posts on this site. That’s based on an average of 30 minutes per post. 150 hours would represent 2.5% of my waking hours since I started this blog last September
- More than 60% blogs are still not tagged, since I only figured out that I should tag posts a few months ago.
- 1 live Doobie Brothers post
- 2 DC go-go and 2 Bmore club posts
- 1 Bmore club re-mix of Dave Chapelle’s Samuel Jackson beer skit
- At least a few posts that actually discuss wine…
- 5 posts on my recent ‘camino de vino’ in Spain (with at least several more to come)
- 1,000 wine blogs which have started since mine
- According to feedburner, an average of .547 site views a day (in case you missed the decimal point, that would be a little more than half a site view per day).

Maybe post #500 will be a bit more milestone-like. Until then, hope you enjoy the stuff that follows.

Thank you to all my friends, family, co-workers and kindred spirits in wine/food/music geekdom for all of your support, comments, and attention. I tend to think that we bloggers blog primarily for ourselves, but having an audience sure makes it more enjoyable, educational and worthwhile. So, thanks. I sure do appreciate it.


Steve L. said...

Um, I think I look at your site more than .547 times per day, so I'd be skeptical about that feedburner figure!

Joe Manekin said...

Steve -

Thanks for reading (and commenting) over the course of the past year. I haven't checked the feedburner stats in a while so I'm not sure what the latest numbers show. After posting this I began to wonder, what would constitute half a site view....

David McDuff said...


David McDuff said...

Yeah, yeah. That was intentional. .547 of a comment....

Seriously, though, way to go my friend. We do it for ourselves but knowing there are more than .547 readers out there is always a good thing.

Keep it coming! (Just no more Doobies.)

Joe Manekin said...

David -

Thanks. Ha! No more Doobies, I can assure you. Possibly some other random smooth 70s and 80s hits though....