Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jura State of Mind

Gary Roshke of the Bay Area based Jolivin Imports hosted a terrific Savoie and Jura tasting last night, the details of which will be published here a little later this week.

In the shop today we tasted a most interesting Canadian pinot noir, a 2007 bottle of Henry of Pellham from the Short Hills Bench region in Ontario. Who knows maybe it’s just because I had the wine last night, but it reminded me a lot of the 2004 Puffeney Pinot Noir. Very pretty wines, both.

Blogger is messing up (again) and I lost a bit more of this post, but it was kind of boring anyway so no big loss. More blogging later. I'm tired and frustrated with blogger, annoyed with my imac, pissed off at Comcast. They all suck. The only thing good coming out of this computer right now would be the 'Television' channel on Pandora. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Good night.

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