Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily intake: A food and wine blogger's 24 hour consumption

Here's a rare inside look at what someone (i.e., me) who sells wine and writes fairly often about food and wine eats and drinks in a day. Having met many people who work with wine and/or food on a daily basis, I can tell you that many of us are not ideal poster children for eating healthy, nourishing food. Retail and restaurant work, the latter in particular, is not always conducive to healthy living; this might be the understatement of the year on this site.

Anyway, I will start from dinner on Tuesday May 13 and follow my eating/drinking through tonight's dinner. Why start from dinner? It is by far my favorite meal, the one that I have the most time to enjoy, and what some may say takes place at far too late an hour, usually between 10 and 11pm. Allow me to give you an idea of how far my late dining ways have regressed. As a child we usually ate dinner around 7:30-8pm, sometimes as late as 9pm. The average sit-down to dinner time became progressively later. When I visit Spain in a few weeks- where the late dining time is well documented - I will more than likely be eating at the same time or even earlier than I do here.

Tuesday May 13
Dinner - Mizuna salad with tuscan olive oil and lemon dressing, three homemade personal focaccia rolls, toasted with tuscan olive oil and grated parmeggiano. One glass of La Gitana Manzanilla. A half-bottle of 1989 Bollig-Lehnert Piesporter Goldtrofchen Riesling Spatlese. A few tall glasses of water.

Wednesday May 14
Breakfast - a few pieces of 84% cacao chocolate and two handfuls of almonds. About 20 oz. of water.
Lunch - an al pastor super taco from Chavez market (super means topped with crema, guac, salsa and grated cheese). As an aside, a co-worker notes,"That doesn't look too healthy."
Roughly 16 oz. water (drunk throughout the afternoon).
Late afternoon pick me up - 8 oz. of GT Dave Mango Kombucha.
Beer-thirty - One and a half cans of budweiser while watching softball
Pre-dinner snack - several bites of mochi and a cup of green tea.
More Manzanilla - 1/2 a 500ml bottle of La Gitana Manzanilla (drunk mainly before, but also during dinner)
Dinner - Mizuna salad with 2 fried eggs in Styrian pumkin seed oil vinaigrette, 1/2 a baguette of homemade poppy/sesame/fennel seed bread dipped in tuscan olive oil. A few glasses of water.

Overall, it was a mixed performance. But I've seen far, far, worse.

Happy (and hopefully, healthy) eating and drinking, everyone.


jz1 said...

You bake your own bread? Wow, that's ambitious! I think you ate fairly well, but am disappointed you didn't finish your second can of Bud.

Brian said...

I'm pretty impressed, actually. I eat far too little veggies and eat a lot of carbs. Hence, I am quite plump. :(

Joe M. said...

Jz -

I date a baker. Happily, there is fresh bread for at least a few days every week.

As far as the bud, I headed from work to the park to watch our ops crew play softball. The game started earlier than I had thought - I saw three plays and it was over. So we hung out for a bit afterwards, but by the time people had left I still had some beer left. It was just Bud and I admittedly do not respect Bud, so I didn't finish it.