Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cellar acquisitions for the month of may

I took a break from cellaring inexpensive wines last month; instead I opted to buy a few bottles of one of the more compelling white wines I have ever drunk: 2002 Radikon Ribolla. Oh, I also bought a bottle of Old Fettercairn Stillman's Dram 26 year old scotch - a great deal but still not cheap.

This month it's back to purchasing six bottles each of a few inexpensive wines that will improve over 4-5 years. The first is the 2006 Acustic Montsant recently written up here. Why? Because it's delicious and balanced and I know that it will improve for at least a few years. Next wine is one I tasted today, the 2005 Montfaucon Cotes du Rhone. In a vintage of many rich, heavy rhone wines, this one has spice, savory herbs, and meaty savor - all while maintaining pretty cherry fruit and a lithe transparency on the palate. It's a no brainer for drinking now or cellaring for a while. Especially when you work in a shop that imports it directly.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

I picked up some of the '02 Ribolla as well. Very exciting stuff!

I was also interested in your impressions of Orson. I went for cocktails the other night and am intrigued enough to go back.


Joe M. said...

Go back. Know that it's a bit pricey for what it is. And the food seemed inconsistent. But the good dishes were really tasty.

David McDuff said...

I have a bottle of the '02 Ribolla waiting in the cellar but have yet to try it. Did you go for the liter bottles or the 500mls?