Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The apartment has been deserted, except for this man; Spain awaits

Greetings from Hartfield Jackson airport in Atlanta, Georgia. I am waiting out a solid 3 hour layover before departing on the delta boeing 767-400ER for Madrid.. Happily the flight from sfo was a speedy four hour venture, only slightly marred by a very unhappy baby exercising his (her?) pipes, which were ample. There was also a toddler who would occasionally burst into wild, crazy simian yells. At one point another youngin chimed in, creating a call and response of 'A-YA-YA-YA!!' and 'OOH-OOH-OOH-OOH!'s. What a vocal interplay. It was awesome. Next post will be 'en directo' from the iberian peninsula.

Saludos, Jose.
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jz1 said...

Have a great trip!