Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fried chicken and grits at Front Porch

My girlfriend and I were both famished, and thought that we would check out Beretta, a promising new spot in the the mission. As is the case with most new hot spots around town, there was not a seat in the house - not a deuce, not a few seats at the bar, not a spot to be had at the communal table. Rather than wait 30 minutes, we decided to head to Emmy's, a neighborhood comfort Italian food spot known for its massive portions of tasty spaghetti and meatballs. Unfortunately we were looking at another 30 minute wait here, so our last resort before a burrito was The Front Porch. Things definitely worked out for the better; we immediately were seated and ordered what would be an incredibly satisfying, southern inspired meal at Front Porch.

The Front Porch is a welcoming establishment. As I was about to set foot into the restaurant, I realized that there was a rocking chair amidst the several tables and chairs set up outside, in a patio area that more closely resembled, well, a front porch. Continuing the welcoming vibe, some good classic JB was playing, adding to the low-key, relaxed, funky environs. If you ask me, sometimes there is nothing like eating a good stick to your ribs meal while listening to the godfather of soul ask the JB's if they can hit it and quit it.

Well, somehow I just lost a paragraph describing this meal, and I don't have the time to reconstruct it now. Oh well. Let me just say that the white wine ('06 Morgadio Albariño) was good, and in case you were wondering, mmm... it does go well with the chicken.

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