Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phillipe Alliet and Francois Chidaine: A sneak peak at '06 in Chinon and Montlouis sur Loire

Our rep came in yesterday to taste us on Phillipe Alliet Chinons, as well as Francois Chidaine's 06's. While the Clos Habert was fantastic, the Clos de Breuil and Clos Baudoin were corked, and I wasn't excited by the Les Tuffeaux. I'm withholding judgement until I taste these wines again. The real highlight, though, was tasting some terrific cab franc from Phillipe Alliet, 'le plus grand producteur de vins rouges de la Loire,' according to Le Revue du vin de France.

2006 Phillipe Alliet Chinon

Their 'basic' cuvee is anything but - pure, classic blackberry fruit. Very pure, vivid, bright, clean cab franc blackberries and black currants here.

2005 Phillipe Alliet Chinon L'Huisserie

Alright, so I'm sneaking a couple of'05 Chinons from Mr. Alliet... Grapes from this recently purchased vineyard site had been going into the basic cuvee for the past few vintages; this is the first vintage where fruit from L'Huisserie is vinified and bottled on its own. Very rich, dense, spicy black cherry fruit doesn't sacrifice the cut and purity typical of first rate cab franc. Impressive wine.

2005 Phillipe Alliet Chinon Coteaux de Noire

The top cuvee, produced from fruit grown on south facing slopes of predominately limestone soil and aged in new oak. Its power, spiciness, density and overall heft make it one to put away and forget about for a decade. Clearly some serious wine here, though. Why buy overly extracted, over oaked 3rd growth Margaux for twice as much when you can have this??


jz1 said...

"Why buy overly extracted, over oaked 3rd growth Margaux for twice as much ...??"

I can't tell you how many times I've asked myself that exact same question.

Joe M. said...


What's up JZ? Reviewed wine is $45, and most 2005 Margaux (one of the 5 left bank Bordeaux communes) costs, because of the vintage hype, somewhere in the 80s at least.

You, as an upwardly mobile young professional, should be stocking your cellar with wines that deliver the most bang for the buck. So I'm glad you are thoroughly examining your choices.

jz1 said...

Oh, I examine my choices very thoroughly... and then buy Bourbon. Now that's got the most bang for my buck!

Love the blog, but you should do a quarterly, dumbed down, "Joe's picks" list to make it easier for me to try some of these!

jz1 said...