Monday, November 5, 2007

The 100 Pull-up workout

I did this after work today, and it's a good way to change up the routine. Probably want to have some experience lifting though, as otherwise it might be difficult. No need to be a protein drink guzzling 150lb dumbell lifting type, just a few years of weightlifting will do. Here is the workout:

Go to the gym. Approach the pull-up bar. Do 100 pull-ups.

Simple enough, right? What I did was do 12, break for 30-40 sec., then 8, then 7, then another 7. Break for a few minutes, then repeat. By the end you'll only be able to do 1 or 2 at a time, and even those will seem impossibly difficult.

Like many others, I go to the gym for health reasons but mainly to raise my energy level at the end of the day before heading home. I don't like to spend more than 45 minutes there, one hour is my absolute limit. This workout took me 45 minutes. I plan on being very sore for a few days. Thanks to W.B. Schwartz for schooling me on the 100 pull-up workout.

No wine stuff today, but I'm looking forward to a dinner at Chez Panise tonight with an OLD burgundy as well as a Prum Wehlener Sonenuhr Auslese vertical Wednesday night. So there will be lots to talk about in the next few days.

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Mateo said...

i've always preferred the 3 pullup workout, which is much more realistic