Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bernal Heights to Santa Monica

This morning I woke up feeling good - the air was fresh, gray and heavy with moisture, a classic San Francisco morning. Of course I was also on day 2 of my extended four day weekend, packing for a short trip down to LA. As a newcomer to San Francisco and a relatively impartial observer, I can definitely see advantages to both sides of the age old southern California (read: LA) vs northern California (San Francisco) debate. Perhaps to be further explored in another post. For now I would just like to share a few things which made me happy today:


I went to my new favorite burrito joint for a breakfast burrito, and discovered that they make fresh squeezed jugo de naranja and jugo de zanahoria. That's house-made carrot juice and OJ! As a fan of the 50-50 orange and anything else, I went for the same here - a perfect blend of sweet orange juice and pulp with the thinner, pulp-free but slightly foaming carrot juice. So yeah, La Alteña makes their own juice. Si no sabias, ya lo sabes....


In fact, one of the strongest 2 songs played back-to-back I've heard on the radio in a while - which reminds me - look out for a new feature highlighting Bay Area radio in the coming weeks on this site. First tune, the classic 'I'm still waiting,' with its simple, understated, but beautiful leading piano melody and heartfelt harmonies. And then, Hall and Oates followed with a slightly more superficial, but positively funky (well, in a Hall and Oates kinda way) variation on the relationship song - "I can't go for that.' No can do....


I love windmills. They provide clean energy and are aesthetically pleasing, especially when placed in long rows with other windmills. Riding the bus in Spain, particularly from Sevilla to Madrid, you will see many, many windmills, which must be the reason I enjoy seeing them in the States.


It was very hard for me to believe that this is 9% abv. It is full-bodied and rich, but without much of the bitterness, either due to excessive malt or hops, that plagues so many beers these days. Mmm... - real canadian beer.


Mateo said...

did la altena offer its patented public urinal smell?

the secret ingredient is pee!

Mateo said...

did la altena offer its patented public urinal smell?

the secret ingredient is pee!

Joe M. said...

so nice you needed to comment twice, huh?

That's why I roll with take-out, not eat in. Pee is never a desirable smell while dining.

Come to think of it though, there has got to be in inverse relationship between the quality/ authenticity of the food and cleanliness of the establishment. Look at Papa Lote - spotless, probably has a great health rating, and the burritos are bland and gringofied. La Altena, Farolito and others are tasty though I wouldn't want to look at their SF health code ratings.