Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love Tartine.

Some of the tastiest food I have yet eaten in San Francisco has been at this bakery in la Mission, at 18th and Guerrero to be precise. Though I have yet to thoroughly explore the sweets, the few that I have tried have been very tasty, particularly the delicate, slightly moist, melt-in-your mouth cocoa nib studded merengue.

As good as the pastry is, to me Tartine's greatest strength is its bread. It is the best bread I have ever eaten. Delicious, with a slightly chewy and crisp crust, very moist, large crumb interior, and excellent staying power for the next day (even when kept in a paper bag on the counter, there is no bread drawer in this house....)

On Tartine's killer bread, they fashion some of the best cheese sandwiches I have ever eaten. Idiazabal and membrillo; pecorino, almond and arugula with lemon and sage; and a three cheese sandwich featuring cheddar, idiazabal and Carmody. There are also ham sandwiches. Which reminds me, their croque Monsieur, and basically anything else they do with ham and gruyere on it, is a must try.

I can't wait to eat some more Tartine bread tomorrow!


Mateo said...

the bread's the best! too bad you have to go through nine circles of hell to buy it, between the enormous line and disinterested snooty asshats who work there.

Joe M. said...

Mateo - You just need to take a course in hipster communication (HCCN101). Then you'll be good!

Mateo said...

alas as a fully employed person with minimal time to pretend i like indie rock and communism, i shall refuse!