Friday, September 28, 2007

Blogging - it's so 2006

My friend Matt is responsible for that gem. I laughed when he offered that as an explanation for an extended absence from his blog. Since I have not found anything that really caught my interest today while trolling around the usual wine sites, and since I'm not up for digging up some tasting notes or otherwise thinking of something vinous to write up, I turn my attention to that long forgotten fad of last year - other people's blogs.

There are some great wine blogs out there, both from the likes of professional journalists such as Eric Asimov, people in the wine business like the author of this blog, and many others. These days, I am getting a lot more information on what's cool and exciting in the world of wine from blogs. I encourage all of you out there to visit the updated links section at the bottom of the page, and to re-visit it from time to time as I'm sure I'll be adding sites every so often.

Bon weekend.

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