Friday, May 22, 2009

I need more SAVAGNIN in my life.

2004 Emmanuel Houillon Arbois Pupillin

I don't recall if I am listing this wine properly, because as many of you already know, Houillon took over the estate from his mentor, Pierre Overnoy, and both names are mentioned on the bottle (sometimes). Houillon works completely SANS SOUFRE (sulphur free). Yes, it can be done people... Anyway, this is Savagnin at its piercing, achingly acidic, and, with some air, fleshy, nutty, intriguing best. Not as much sous voile influence as, say, the '05 Montborgeau L'Etoile, but definitely a little more nutty, savory character than the '04 Domaine de la Tournelles Savagnin, which is also very tasty Savagnin, by the way. If you appreciate clarity, precision, intensity and ACIDITY in white wines than Savagnin is basically the shit. I need to drink more of the stuff.

For some interesting discussion on the intriguing wines of Houillon, Overnoy, Houillon/Overnoy, or however you choose to refer to this Jura estate, see here.

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Of course, I'd be remiss to not point you over to G's direction.

Oh, and for those with French language skills and/or aspirations, and a taste for the dramatic, here.

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David McDuff said...

Thanks for the shout out, Joe. More Savagnin is very much in order for me as well.