Friday, May 22, 2009

Earth Wind & Fire Review Postponed

Well, I'm sad to say that the review of EWF's Grattitude, the famous live recording, staple for silent storm format radio DJ's, hip-hop producers, and lovers of all things tuneful and funky, has been postponed until I locate the vinyl. You see, I found the cover, only to discover that there was no LP in there. I know that the record must be missing in action, placed in the wrong cover, or otherwise misplaced somewhere in my collection. It's too bad, since I really did want to review this one, and also was craving to listen to it (anything I review is listened to start to finish, track by track, all the way through). Preferably on vinyl, not CD or itunes.

For now, I will settle on listening to Open Our Eyes, a studio album which displays the deft combination of jazz chops, soulful hooks, gospel influence and free spirited, but tight, musical experimentation that EWF was known for back in their heyday.

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