Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sella Costa delle Sesia Orbello 2004

I was really excited to try this blend of Barbera, Nebbiolo, Cab Franc and Vespolina. But I'll be damned if this wasn't just like a simple garnacha from Campo de Borja. Minus a few degrees of alcohol and plus a little acidity. It had that similarly bright, almost candied red fruit aspect and a whole lot of nuthin' much else. Sella is of course best known for their Lessona DOCG wines (Lessona, located in northern Piemonte, known for the most Burgundian expressions of Nebbiolo). I still look forward to trying the '01 Sella Lessona, but the 'baby'lessona (granted it's not all nebbiolo and maybe 'baby' is not the right terminology, plus it's a stupid term when comparing wines, it's already out of my usage, beginning now) did not impress. I feel like I could get any number of $15 reds from Spain, Italy, or France that have more going on than the Sella - and it cost $17.99. I have a feeling that mine is the minority opinion here, though, as a lot of people like this wine. Chime in with your thoughts if you've had this wine recently.


jz1 said...

Watch out for the cheap Italians:

Joe M. said...

True. And cheap Americans, cheap Aussies, cheap Chileans, etc. The Brunello scandal has been a hot news item in the wine business recently.

David McDuff said...

Hey Joe,
I'm in relative agreement as to the wine's simplicity. However, I enjoyed it more than you did from the sounds of it (and paid $2 less for the experience). You'll find my notes here.

Joe M. said...

David -

Thanks for the link. Yeah, I didn't pick up as much of the piemontese-ness as you did. It's probably worth trying another bottle.