Wednesday, April 2, 2008

El-P, Cat Power, and Domenico Almondo

They're all in the house right about now. I am listening to 'Poisonville Kids No Wines' (featuring Cat Power) from El Producto's latest opus, I'll sleep when you're dead. The track reminds me of something off Co Flow's Funcrusher: the horn bursts, the trailing off and then sudden crescendo of the beat, and the immediate impact of the composition. Yes, THIS ONE IS A BANGER. One noteable difference would be that El P's production is certainly more layered, nuanced, and avante garde now than it was in 1996. On I'll sleep when you're dead, songs aren't as challenging, not as much about sheer noise as in other El P work in the past five or so years. They have better dynamics, more varied structures, and a real sense of direction. Though I bought the album on i-tunes, there is a digital booklet with photo's, song lyrics and thank you's. Why haven't I seen more of these on itunes? El-P is an innovative and talented artist, as well as a successful businessman, talent scout, nurturer of talent, and overall type A dude doing lots of good for many people. Thanks, and keep up the good work, El-P.

As for the vinous imbibement to match such powerful music, I'm sipping some 2006 Giovanni Almondo Bricco delle Ciliegie Roero Arneis. It's the richer, more intense, bigger brother to Almondo's other arneis that was my favorite in an arneis showdown several months ago. Pure granny smith apples, a talcum powder like minerality, purity and intensity make this one tasty white. It cuts through El-P's dense production real nicely.

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