Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Detour to Dali-Land

So much for blogging on the regular from España. Lots of good stuff coming up though, with a focus on the famed sherry triangle of Jerez-El Puerto de Santa Maria-Sanlucar, and even a detour outside the triangle to Chipiona.

For now, though, I present to you some crazy surreal shit. All of these were taken in the Theatre-Museum Dali in Figueres.


D J R-S said...

I had friends in Chipiona...! I'm talking 1974: Paco Lira had a sprawling bar in Sevilla called La Cuadra, where Salvador Távora began his theatre company of the same name. Hanging out with Paco's son Sergio in Chipiona, where the family was originally from, we drank delicious off-dry dark moscatel bought a granel in refilled soda bottles...un abrazo.

Joe Manekin said...


That sounds awesome. Chipiona during carnaval was a blast, and the fried fish, needless to say, was quite tasty indeed! We drank some moscatel there as well, but more on that next week....