Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Week in Review

A few highlights from the week, in phrase form since sentences are just not gonna form right now:

- 2007 Pena das Donas Ribera Sacra (white - Almalarga and red - Verdes Martas) tasting very good, especially the white. All godello.
- Shameless plug: we (K&L) will bring in a quantity of the aforementioned Ribera Sacra wines in the next week or so. $17/btl
- Tasted yet again the ageing capabilities of 'light,' 'dilute,' and/or high acid vintages, in this case for '02 Rioja crianza.
- As told to me by a proprietor of a natural wine bar: "These wines (Lopez de Heredia reds) have too much oak. They are not wines of terroir."
- 2007 Joseph Swan Cotes du Rosa Carignane Russian River Valley - pure fruit, vibrant, great with pizza.
- 2008 Ameztoi Rubentis and 2008 Gurrutxaga Txakoli Rosé...perfect for the season. Gurrutxaga in particular showing increasingly better each time I drink.
- Overheard after a customer finished up his beer tasting at work today and reported back to his friends: "That was the worst line-up of beers I ever tasted. They were like, flavored and stuff."
I do hate it when my beer has flavor.

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