Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bottles of Red, bottles of white, perhaps a champagne instead tonight?

I was curious about my consumption last year. I do know that I consumed a healthy share of wine, but was curious as to the breakdown. So I decided to go through my purchases and find out. Now I have not broken wines down by country or region, but rather by type: red, white, rosé or champagne/sparkling/sherry (I grouped these two together). I also did not account for what gets consumed immediately versus what I am cellaring.

Anyhow, here are the numbers:

WHITE- 104 bottles (41%)
RED - 91 bottles (36%)
CHAMP/SP/SHERRY - 42 (17%)
ROSE - 17 (7%)

That would make for a total of 254 botles, or about 21 cases. An average of 1 case, 9 bottles per month. Now that's for a household of three (though I do tend to take the lead in quantities drunk per month)and does not account for what went in the cellar (maybe about 15% of all bottles purchased?)

I was surprised by the healthy showing for champagne, sparkling wine and sherry. Also by the fact that white and red wine finished relatively close.

Might break things down a bit further in an update on this post.

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