Friday, January 16, 2009

Bay Area Gardening

There are people who are much, much better and more experienced gardeners than I (in fact, that would probably be most people who garden). So I will not begin to consider posting an instructional gardening bit here. Nevertheless, I realized that it had been a while since posting on the results of our Bernal 'foothill' plot. Last summer, there were bountiful greens, especially mustards, romaine and mixed lettuces. Cherry tomatoes did decently well. Potatoes worked out also. We actually grew stuff that grew and had food to eat for several months. After the summer bounty, the garden came into tougher times. We did not plant the right things at the right time, we went for days without watering (partiallly due to neglect, as well as an occasionally non functioning water water supply).

Today, we planted some garlic, kale, rapini, spinach and romaine, and transferred a few collards which had been in a planter outside our apartment. Things should be on the up and up in our little slice of terraced community garden land.


Close-up, Mustard green leaf

Flat leaf Parsley - got to ALWAYS have parsley around the house

Watering is important

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