Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2006 Thevenet Morgon Vieilles Vignes, or Bringin' some flavor to Palo Alto

I recently had the pleasure of breaking bread at the house of good friends of one of my co-workers. Not to go into too many details, the food was very good, the hosts really generous and incredibly hospitable (and not to mention outstanding cooks), and the wines very Napa-centric. This had everything to do with a popular wine blogger who had some samples to taste and decided to bring them out to share with company. After discussing the dinner with my co-worker Jeff, I fully expected a table full of big, jammy wine-like beverages, and so I thought a nice cru Beaujolais would both add contrast and provide something for me to drink with dinner. From the selection of steak (yes, it was a comparative steak tasting, true food geek stuff here) to the epoisse, marcellin, gran cru, and other cheeses, the Morgon worked terrifically. It's got the structure and density to work with beef, but the acidity, savor, dryness and finesse to beautifully go with even the stinkiest of ripe cheeses. Between a crowd of 11 drinkers, Thevenet's Morgon and a mag of '97 Labegorce Margaux (a delicious wine brought by Jeff) were the only reds to be emptied. Who knew that such good taste existed in Palo Alto?


Mike Drapkin said...

From my experience, no matter who the crowd...Thevenet's bojo is always empty by the end of the evening. Pure deliciousness. Says alot about the wine when people can drink it with ease and delight.Tommorow is the V59 tasting at Johny On The Half in DC. Very stoked for the Demoor and Tempe wines.

Joe Manekin said...

Yep, the Thevenet is very tasty wine. V59 at Johnny's sounds like fun. I love De Moor's '04 St Bris and two of their '05 Chablis were tasty, a little plump for my taste but still with that terrific De Moor liveliness. Tempe wines are great - thanks for reminding me about them as I'd like to bring them in to the store. Need to get on our Loire/Alsace buyer to do so.

Mike Drapkin said...

Will keep you posted on how the tempe wines show.