Friday, August 22, 2008

A Query about 2005 Edmond Vatan 'Clos la Neore' Sancerre Chavignol

I picked up two of these for the cellar and need some advice. When should I open them? My usual cellaring routine involves buying a reasonably priced bottle, drinking it, purchasing more, asessing a rough time frame of checking in on the bottles (say, for example, opening a bottle three years after purchase, then another one after five years) and then putting away and forgetting about said bottles. As Vatan is allocated and not inexpensive, I will need to consult the public as well as my knowledgeable readership for advice with regards to cellaring time.

Well, readership, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Try one in 2012. Treat it like great Chablis.

Joe Manekin said...


I have since heard from Peter Wegygandt, one of the former US importers of Vatan's wines ('06 was his last vintage), who mentioned an interview from John Gilman's "View from the Cellar" in November 2006. In it he quotes Mr. Vatan, who says that his first vintage was 1947 and then something to the effect that there is not a vintage that he has made that is not still drinking well.