Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th of July weekend that passed and the week ahead

Well, my belly is full of quinoa, olive oil and garlic - and as is my wont after a Sunday night dinner I am reflecting on the past few days and looking to the week ahead. The holiday weekend was terrific; a bit lazy, but well paced, with a working day at the wine shop on Saturday sandwiched between days off on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. During the days off there was time spent picking mustard and salad greens in the garden, finishing up Alice Feiring's excellent new book, grilling steak, working on the bicycle, and watching the Giants play their old rival the Dodgers. Nothing too exciting as far as wine over the past few days, though my bottle of '06 Bobinet 'Amateus' Saumur-Champigny has not been quite as enjoyable as I imagined it would be - simpler, more monolithic and with chunkier tannins and wood influence than I would prefer.

This week look for at least a few long overdue entries on my recent trip to Spain, as well as a possible book review on the newly released Alice Feiring and Neil Rosenthal books, both coming from a similar place aesthetically, as it relates to wine, but from two very different personalities with unique voices and perspectives.

A good week ahead to everyone out there.

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Brian said...

Sorry to hear about the Bobinet. I liked it more than you did when I tried it at Terroir. But...I think I have more tolerance for bigger, oakier, wines. (I love Heitz fruit bombs from Trailside Vineyard, for instance...even from a plastic cup)