Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Hahhhhhht!

92 degrees and sunny today - no, not only in Redwood City or the east bay. But in foggy San Francisco. I love it. This may be too hot for some of the softies in this city, but for me and many others who braved hot and humid southern, mid-Atlantic, or New York summers, it's just another summer day. Aren't seasons wonderful?

On tap for the rest of the day: Rias Baixas tasting, beer drinking somewhere outside, and a day of maxin' and relaxin'. Please don't hate....


Brian said...

Bleh. San Francisco STINKS when it is warm. All those charming Chinese produce stands and 19th century Victorian sewers are fine when it is 65, but anything above 75-how can you stand it?

I live in Vacaville, where the median high is 96 in the summer months. I am off to donate blood to pay my summer PG&E bill.

Joe M. said...

Brian- For true warm weather STINK might I recommend a summer in Manhattan. Anywhere in the city will do.

Hope that the blood donating went ok - maybe the one pint contribution has cooled you off?