Thursday, May 8, 2008

Culinary misadventures pt. 14: Fake pimientos de padron and haphazard panzanella

Some experiments in the kitchen do not yield favorable results, as my experience tonight attests. Here are two preparations I attempted tonight. Both were failures. The first is a recipe that I recommend you do not try at home, and the second is probably worth trying as long as you have some proper guidance.

In an effort to whet my appetite for Galicia, Spain, I fried up some jalapeno peppers in olive oil, patted them dry, added coarse sea salt and pretended that they were the famous pimientos de padron. Thing is, while those peppers are mild 95% of the time, jalapenos are moderately hot 100% of the time. I ate four peppers and could shortly feel my stomach lining taking sharp pains for the team. After a glass of water and some kombucha I felt much better.

I won't go into details about my misguided (perhaps I should say, 'unguided') attempt at panzanella (tuscan bread salad). It was terrible, though I am perhaps a bit wiser for the failed experiment. A hint: you will probably need more vinaigrette than you think to adequately soak your stale bread.

Cooking can be a humbling experience.


Will from Boqueria said...

Try shishito peppers.

Will from Boqueria said...

Try shishito peppers.

Joe M. said...

Will, thanks for the tip.

Steve L. said...

Jalapenos?! You could've killed yourself.