Sunday, April 6, 2008

Montlouis is the spot. Some DRY chenin from Le Rocher des Violettes

I tasted some terrific wines from Le Rocher des Violettes, a domaine run by a young French dude name Xavier Weisskopf, who obviously is making some terrific Chenin based wines. Three years ago he bought 22 acres in Montlouis and a 15th century stone cellar in Amboise.

Le Rocher des Violettes Petillant 2006
Very mineral nose, with a bit of spicy Montlouis Maror (that's horseradish for the gentiles) on the nose, along with persimmon, leading to a dry, poised, crisp palate, with bitter orange and kumquat flavors.

Le Rocher des Violette Touche Mitaine Sec 2006
This wine is from Xavier's youngest parcel of Chenin. Flavors reflect pure, powerful citrus fruits - very clean. Lime zest. This is some dry, citric Chenin. What it lacks in typical Montlouis Chenin density and weight it more than makes up for in its unique, crispy, pristine flavors.

Le Rocher des Violettes Cuvee La Negrette Sec 2006
Another crisp, eye popping, brisk Chenin. Just barely under-ripe pear flavors on the palate, with less intensity and even a lighter frame than the Touche Mitaine. Fresh and fun. I don't see it aging very long, but over the next few years it should be tasty.


Brooklynguy said...

never even heard of this producer. who imports the wine? i wonder if it's on the east coast...

Joe M. said...

Roy Cloud - Vintage '59. He's based in VA, so it should be around, somewhere.

Joe Jensen said...

If you are interested in the wine, I represent it in Chicago and have a small retailer who will sell it and ship it at a reasonable price.
We have the 05 Sec and Demi-Sec in.
It is great stuff!
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